Joining a local Unit committee is a great way to learn about your association and get involved with your local Unit. Please consider joining one or more of our local Unit committees. All members are welcome. Please confirm attendance by contacting the local Unit office.


Note: All unit committees are open to both permanent and occasional teacher members of the Dufferin-Peel (OECTA) Elementary Unit

Human Rights
(Joint with Status of Women)

Chairperson: Andrea DeFrancesco

Meetings: 2 or 3 per year

The committee provides a forum for discussion and action related to trends, issues and problems related to a variety of social justice issues including but not limited to, poverty, racism, violence, gender, creed, ethnicity and disability. The goal of the committee is to focus on an important issue(s) in an effort to effect change. Please join and help us make a difference!

Status of Women
(Joint with Human Rights)

Chairperson:Andrea DeFrancesco

Meetings: 2 or 3 per year

The committee is a forum for discussion and action related to enhancing the status of women in society through raising awareness related to women’s issues and supporting community based women’s organizations.


Chairperson: Mario Zarkovic

Meetings: 3 or 4 per year

The duties of the committee include informing members as to the financial position of the Unit as well as the related processes. The committee assists in the preparation and review of the draft budget and approved budget, reviews the annual audit and Unit guidelines in the area of finance, and makes recommendations to the Unit Executive as necessary.

(Joint with Social)

Chairperson:Ingrid Mueller-Kupec

Meetings: 2 or 3 per year

This committee seeks nominations from the membership for the Dufferin-Peel OECTA Service Award, Association Rep Award and Catholic Leadership Award. Each of the awards honours OECTA colleagues who have actively contributed to the Association. The committee evaluates the nominations and brings forward a recommendation to the Unit Executive regarding the awards recipients.

(Joint with Awards)

Chairperson: Blossom Dias

Meetings: 2 or 3 per year

The committee’s primary responsibility is to provide OECTA members with an opportunity to participate in recreational activities and interact with colleagues from across the board. Networking with colleagues is a great way to meet new people, get involved with our unit and learn more about our Association. We are looking for high energy, enthusiasitc members who would be willing to share event ideas, help organize events and promote involvement of OECTA social events.


Chairperson: Sandra Vukosich

Meetings: 3 or 4 per year

The duties of the legislation committee are to study and report on all matters that pertain to the unit by-laws and procedures, to read, analyze, clarify, reword and combine resolutions proposed and submit proposed by-law changes to the General Legislation Meeting. This committee meets an average of 3-4 times per year dependent upon the number of proposed resolution changes received.

Beginning Teachers
(Joint with Professional Development)

Chairperson: Lori Austin

Meetings: 2 or 3 per year

The committee aims to help new teachers grow in the teaching profession by providing a forum for discussion and making recommendations to the Unit executive related to how to support beginning teachers.

Professional Development
(Joint with Beginning Teachers)

Chairperson: Sandra Vukosich

Meetings: 2 or 3 per year

The mandate of this committee is to facilitate opportunities for self-directed professional development for elementary teachers. The committee aims to organize professional development activities in a variety of areas that support teachers with curriculum development, professional relationships, various aspects of employment including OECTA membership information.

Health & Safety

Chairperson: Heather Gremmen

Meetings: 3 or 4 per year

The committee is a forum for its members to discuss concerns related to Health & Safety issues. The committee advises the Unit Executive through the Health & Safety Advisor of current Health & Safety issues and concerns. The committee also provides information through the H&S Advisor to the Association Reps. .

Political Advisory
(Joint with Catholic Advocacy)


Meetings: 2 or 3 per year

The committee is responsible for becoming informed of issues and processes at various levels of government that impact Catholic education. The committee is responsible for raising awareness among the membership of such issues as well as liaiseing with and lobby the government as necessary.

Catholic Advocacy
(Joint with Political Advisory)

Chairperson: TBD

Meetings: 2 or 3 per year

The duties of the committee include contributing to the development and ongoing enrichment of our Catholic faith as Catholic Teachers and to respond to issues that affect the teaching ministry of Catholic Teachers.


Chairperson: Michael Schaus

Meetings: 2 or 3 per year

This committee is responsible for the organization, production, editing and publication of the local Unit magazineThe D-Peeler as well as to maintain the Unit website. The committee seeks writers, cartoonists and artists, people who will submit short articles for publication that would be of interest to our members This committee also consults on website, email, and other communication issues.


Chairperson: Sandra Vukosich

Meetings: 3 or 4 per year

The committee receives and considers resolutions submitted by Unit members, committees and the Unit Executive for presentation at the Annual Resolutions General Meeting. Approved resolutions are forwarded to Provincial for consideration at the Annual General Meeting.


Occasional Teacher Committee

Co-Chairs: Sara Sywash & Mary Matteo-Attanasio

Meetings: 2 or 3 per year

This committee is an opportunity to bring forward issues related to occasional teachers as well as suggest professional development topics to assist in the role of the occasional teacher. The committee will advise the Unit Executive, through the chair(s), of any ideas and issues related to occasional teachers. Information from the committee will also be shared at Association Rep meetings to support the liaison between permanent and occasional teachers.




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