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Error messages in WebTRACS

From: Romanick, Christine
Sent: Friday, December 14, 2018 9:13:41 AM

Good morning,

It has been brought to our attention that on occasion, WebTRACS is not providing a job number when employees have been trying to accept a job offer. Instead, the employees are hearing an error message, “the job is no longer available because the profile of the job has changed”. We have heard from an occasional teacher that something similar has also occurred when accepting a job on-line.

If you encounter this issue, please log into WebTRACS and review your jobs, to verify whether or not you have been assigned to the job. Please also send an email to dphrportal@dpcdsb.org, providing your name, ID, date and approximate time of the call, and any job details you can recall, including job number (if you are able to see it). We have found a case where the employee was assigned to the job, but was not aware, due to this error.

This issue has been reported to the vendor. We will keep you updated as we receive updates from the vendor.

Available Jobs feature in WebTRACS

Effective September 2018, the Available Jobs feature will be available in WebTRACS. In addition to being offered jobs via telephone, Occasional/Casual employees will be able to view and accept jobs on the web.
Click here to download the instructions. (pdf)

Accessing WebTracs on School Computers – September 2018

Some OTs are experiencing problems login to WebTracs using school computers. Some have found that using Google Chrome will give them access. When they use Internet Explorer, they get ‘captcha’ requests which never work and informs them to contact system admin.

When using school computers, please you Google Chrome as your browser.


EVENING CALLOUTS:  4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The functionality of WebTRACS:

  1.  Access WebTracs’ home page:   https://dpcdsb.eschoolsolutions.com
  2. The following phone numbers are affiliated with TRACS 905-366-5640 OR 1-844-601-3830
  3. Access/User ID = Employee ID number     Password = PIN

Should any issues arise, please contact Ashley Corrado at Ext. 24166, OR Christine Romanick at Ext. 24455

Tracs morning call out from 5:00 a.m. for all OTs and an evening call out from 4:00 to 10:00 p.m. to offer jobs to occasional teachers.

Call out for OTs shall be by seniority, as per profile, and who is available to work, to ensure that the OT with the greatest seniority is called first.  Calling shall continue down the list until the assignment is filled.

For each call out assignment, the call out software will reset to the OT with the greatest seniority.


WebTRACS OT Profile Update (includes Out of Profile Calling)

Article 13.02(b) states that Occasional Teachers can update their profile in the months of September and February. A profile update form has been created to assist in updating your profile.
If you wish to alter your profile, please follow the instructions below:


      Classifications and Locations:

  • If you have selected only elementary classifications – select only elementary schools
  • If you have selected only secondary classifications – select only secondary schools
  • If you have selected both elementary and secondary classifications – be sure to select a combination of both elementary and secondary schools

The Board is now accepting completed forms.  Any changes to your profile will take up to 15 weekdays to implement.

Snow Days / Bus Cancellations & Your Responsibilities

See WebTracs for up to date information on snow days/bus cancellations.

Make yourself unavailable on TRACS if unable to work!

Web User: PIN Reminder

Users can submit a PIN Reminder request on the Web.  The user must have their email address in their profile or an error message will display on the screen.

A “Forgot your PIN?” link has been added to the Sign-In page to support users who want to log into SmartFindExpress, but have forgotten their PIN. The PIN reminder link is located next to the PIN field.  The PIN # will be sent to the email address provided.

Read the PDF note explaining the PIN reminder procedure


As an occasional teacher working in an LTO position you are entitled to emergency days, under Article 21.01 of the contract. These can be granted for a variety of reasons, including bereavement, weather (snow days), Family Illness, moving, graduation, religious holidays, and writing exams.

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